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Our Stellar Attributes


Celebrations bring students closer to traditional and cultural belief. A close bond is built between the students as they understand each other’s different customs.  LVS gives equally respect to each cultural, religion and tradition. The same values we want to transfer in our future generations through these celebrations and festivals so that they can learn the moral values and can respect the rich heritage and diverse cultural of our India  and could transform into a good citizen of the country.


LVS  believes that educational visits play a vital role in supporting, developing, and extending the learning and life experiences of the children in our school. It provides deeper subject learning and increases self confidence. As we believe in learning with understanding approaches, thus  these visits give practical knowledge to children or live experiences in getting chrystal clarity of any concept. Therefore we take to the students for several  visits to connect their knowledge to real life experience.

Jalsa (Annual Day)

One of the most anxiously awaited occasion of our school is Jalsa. Every year we held this event with great excitement and frolic. The important feature of this program is that we give stage to every student to showcase their inherent talent (100% participation  in Jalsa), More than 200 students do anchoring every year.  As  we  work on each student’s learning pattern throughout the year, so there are some students who are struggling in academics but they have other special talents inside of them , by doing this event we polish their other skills ,during the whole  preparation of this Jalsa ,children learn many life skills and get a break from  routine.

Life Skill

In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. It develops social and interpersonal skills that enable  a child to cope with the demands of every day life. LVS aims to develop a greater sense of self awareness, build confidence, encourage critical thinking and foster  children to be their own light. Hence, we at lotus valley school gives life skill classes to students  through Sacred Scripture “Bhagwat Geeta’’. It’s considered the life changing scripture and answer of every problem of life.

Third Party Academics Audit

LVS works on depth of concepts, hence we have included third party assessment in student’s teaching learning process which is Detailed Assessment. It provides clear insights on the learning gaps in the topic, at conceptual understanding level, provide high quality remedial guidelines and descriptive reports for the teacher, individual students   &  the  school .

                This test works as a educational audit which informs us and guides us about student’s misconcepts about any topic & suggests descriptive to remediate their problematic area.

No Tution Policy

The School strongly discourages students of all age groups studying in the school to attend private tuition classes for academic subjects. The single most important reason is that students need to learn to take responsibility of their own learning and become independent in learning over a period of time. Tuition serve only as a crutch for students. Students who go for Tuition often think that homework and study are the responsibility of their tuition teacher. Tuition do not develop independent learning and self-study skills. This becomes a major issue with students as they grow up when they need to learn independently.


Lotus Valley School provides a number of opportunities to children to paint their own world of imagination in their own way. To elevate their imaginations and thinking process we have transformed traditional classrooms into thinkroom in which learners can think beyond the boundaries & can see the world from their own vision ,, can do their own creation and  can explore  their untapped potential .LVS gives strength to their wings by providing them friendly atmosphere in their thinkroom, and campus ,appreciating and celebrating their mistakes , motivating them on their little and imperfect task and respecting their uniqueness so that they can soar like an eagle with their strong wings in the sky fearlessly .

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